The second-level Master program was established in 2006 as a gift to Michele Ferrero from his family on the occasion of his 80th birthday. It is one of the many concrete expressions of the social mission of the Ferrero family aimed at supporting the economic, social and cultural growth of the territories in which it operates.

This specialization program was created with the goal of enhancing knowledge in food science and technology, and it has evolved over the years to reflect the changing and challenging landscape of the food industry.
Over the past 9 editions, the Master’s program has been activated at the University of Turin in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Since 2006 almost 120 students from different parts of Europe and other continents have been trained within the Master “Michele Ferrero” and more than 90% of them got employed after the program – either in Ferrero (on average 25% of students) or in other food industries.

In its earlier forms, the master's curriculum focused on food sciences and technologies to evolve into innovation in both of these areas enriched with entrepreneurial skills combining theory with practical experience in different context: production, strategies, and research. To achieve excellence, students were encouraged to explore innovative approaches to product development.

Training professionals in the sector from all over the world has been made easier by the second-level Master Michele Ferrero over its history. Valuable lessons learned from Michele Ferrero's legacy were brought by the graduates.

The program's main mission has remained unchanged even though it has evolved over time: inspire next generations to continue their tradition of creativity and unwavering dedication to food excellence.